KOOKUT, a cat and dog food brand from Switzerland, invited MASS DESIGN to design their booth for the 2018 Shanghai Pet Food Exhibition. The brand wanted to display their core value – a dedication to natural, healthy and quality-oriented pet food – to the market.

With this goal in mind, MASS designed an interactive booth. The primary design concept sought to move the Swiss landscape into the exhibition. The KOOKUT brand hails from Switzerland in the hinterlands of the Alps, surrounded by mountain peaks, forests and river valleys in a rich, pristine and naturally beautiful setting. Designers therefore created “mountain-shaped” boards, interspersing them throughout the booth in a staggered layout to form an alpine-inspired range. This mountain scenery was constructed from OSB, an environmentally-friendly material that is not only easy to put together and dismantle, but also provides a natural shelf and product display functionality.

In addition to materials and design, MASS also hoped to mobilize the audience’s five senses by creating a full range of visual, olfactory, auditory, taste and tactile experiences. Herbs were placed between the walls and the OSB “mountains”, layered to mimic a forest full of trees. The plant variety was also a raw ingredient from the KOOKUT food recipe itself, and so served to illustrate their brand’s commitment to using natural ingredients. The “forest” of herbs also added a fragrant scent to the display. Designers introduced visuals of birds and sounds of flowing water to the booth design, transporting visitors to a remote alpine valley where they could enjoy a cup of “detox water” infused with fruits and herbs and the smells of fresh mountain air.  Visitors to the exhibition could also engage directly with the brand by touching, seeing and smelling the dog and cat foods on display.

MASS DESIGN simulated Switzerland’s rolling mountains with the roughness of OSB and the softness of plants. Modern design techniques can be used in this way – to create a platform for interaction and communication between brands and visitors, and in this case, to bring KOOKUT’s natural concept to life.